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Eram homepage

New Theme – Eram

New Theme – Eram – owwwlab Using a great new theme called Eram by owwwlab Support by owwwlab team has been great so far, with quick responses within an hour! Update: 18 March 2017 Their latest update now includes a lightbox image with options to show exif information in a sidebar. Sweet! Menu only contain […]
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No Helmet!?

Site is updated and live!

Phew! Site finally updated and live! There are still some minor touches left for archive posts from , but will just leave it as it is for now 😉
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Almost there…

Last week I have resumed migrating my content from Koken CMS to WordPress, making some good progress so far! Major hassles left to settle: Slider templates and their respective mobile text sizes A better way to showcase photos full screen on their individual pages
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Fine Tuning Sliders

Phew… Avada5 have been released and it’s time to get back and continue migrating the site from Koken to WordPress. (Like 5 months late?) Do like the new Fusion Builder, feels a lot better and easier to use than the previous. Not to mention, being able to save Templates! That helps so much in “importing” […]
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Sliders and sliders

Been playing with the theme included sliders, and wow, sliders have really come a long way! I like one of Slider Revolution's photography demo sliders. Cool!Unfortunately, as Slider Revolution is an included slider, I don't have access to the demo slider, which makes understanding, editing and using the plugin more difficult.That aside, the "normal" version of the website is looking as to how I would have sketched...But there's still a bunch of editing to go!
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Again again again – change of CMS

Koken was a good run, I liked its theme as it was closest to what I wanted, but it was time to go back to Wordpress.As for writing, just managed to copy current blog posts from Koken site over to Wordpress. Will need to re upload the photos into individual posts again, another time for that.
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渋谷 SWING Mainstage

渋谷 SWING – Shibuya Jazz, Coffee, & Mood Music

During my short week trip to Tokyo to visit my friends, I visited a jazz-themed cafe in Shibuya. A little difficult to find the place for newcomers in Japan, Google Maps will do the trick. (I am not familiar with Tokyo at all!)Once you reach LAWSON, be careful not to walk further, you should see a restaurant/bar on the ground floor and right beside it is an entrance to the building. Enter the small entrance and make your way up the stairs surrounded by brick to the 4th floor.
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Used Leica Q

Leica Q ; new album added

Added "Leica Q" album to the site! (This is not a review of the Leica Q, just some comments on it so far… maybe I should write a short review on it sometime…)Been having a fun time taking photos with the Leica Q!When you have been taking photos for quite some time, you can get carried away with the technicalities of the DSLR and filters for iPhone.The Q unconsciously makes you fall back to when taking photos was fun
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Since January 2015

Wow, been quite some time since I posted anything on the site... For that as well, I have not been much into photography nowadays, ever since moving to Taiwan. That aside, it has been quite a fast year 2015 for me and already 2016!
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Lens Addition – Sigma 50 Art

Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM ARTSigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM ART added to the big family, while the old Sigma 50mm retired from the front lines to my brother-in-law's good & steady hands. Looking forward to Amelia's pictures!
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