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Kishiwada Castle 岸和田城

Kishiwada Castle 岸和田城 Been a long time since I’ve gone for some photo shooting 🙂 Time to get my hands dirty with the new A7R3! Sharper Sharpness Sharp I usually upload 2048px sized photos onto the website, but it doesn’t do any justice to the photos taken on the A7R3 Putting sharpness aside as it […]
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渋谷 SWING Mainstage

渋谷 SWING – Shibuya Jazz, Coffee, & Mood Music

During my short week trip to Tokyo to visit my friends, I visited a jazz-themed cafe in Shibuya. A little difficult to find the place for newcomers in Japan, Google Maps will do the trick. (I am not familiar with Tokyo at all!)Once you reach LAWSON, be careful not to walk further, you should see a restaurant/bar on the ground floor and right beside it is an entrance to the building. Enter the small entrance and make your way up the stairs surrounded by brick to the 4th floor.
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Taka タカ

Taka model practice shoot

Model Taka タカ Taka is your average lad, and is his first time doing a photography session. In the beginning he was a bit rigid, but after some good photos, he wasn’t as tense and was able to be his usual self Location Tarumi 垂水 Arima Onsen (Hotsprings) 有馬温泉 Gear 5D3 24-70mm 2.8, 85mm 1.2 […]
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Kyoto Red Umbrella

50mm One-Lens-Day 金閣寺@京都 [email protected]

50mm One-Lens-Day 金閣寺@京都 [email protected] One Lens Day Time to practice the nifty 50mm f1.4! Bokehlicious pictures~ I have to admit I am not a big fan of the 50mm but because of this trip, have kinda grown a liking towards its flexibility of producing bokeh when you need it. As a proud owner of the […]
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